Music Selection

Learn more about our world renowned & unique music selection process below

Leave the work to us.

Your magical film will naturally fall together and become a true reflection of your day, for you to relive for years to come.

  • We do not rely on narration to tell your story. We want those raw, emotive, genuine moments of love to breathe life into the story of the day. 
  • We won’t tell you to pose or make you feel awkward in front of the camera. We let the day unfold naturally and simply document what happens. Completely unobtrusive.
  • For us, it’s all about sensory fusion through visual storytelling - an omniscient lens through which you can reminisce on the day over and over again.

We will blend in your day like a guest, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t even notice we are there! The more relaxed your guests and family are around us, the more this will be reflected in the footage - we don’t want you to see us as a supplier, but a friend. 

  • Please note that due to copyright laws we can not use commercial songs under any circumstances.

Our process has been refined for over 10 years and the best films are the ones that are created when complete trust is given to the filmmaker to create the most special film.

  • Music is the audible portal to take you back through time through the melodic memories - and should be curated so to represent the uniqueness of that moment in time. 
  • We have direct access to a global pool of extremely talented artists who produce music specific to each couple and the respective occasion. 
  • Countless hours are spent sourcing and further refining the sound, to ensure it resonates with your taste as well as the essence of your day; we then license that song for your film and your film only.
  • We never use the same song twice to ensure that every film is representative of the unique masterpiece that you have carefully curated to celebrate your love for one another. This song is yours, forever. 
  • Trust us to find the perfect fusion of notes to weave through the film and create a truly memorable cinematic time capsule. 

Get ready to experience the stars aligning, with the reveal of your finished film.

We craft highlight films that balance the most authentic moments of your day, building a visual mosaic that will stand the test of time for decades to come.